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As a composer, I approach my art musically.

My art process involves three stages of intermedia development: 

First, I create richly detailed acrylic paintings - my symphonies on canvas.

Then, I extract macro photos from my paintings. 

Finally, I sample these macro photos and digitally tessellate them to form my Kaleido-Jewels. 



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Mixed Media Paintings


My acrylic paintings on canvas form the foundation of the intermedia art process. These densely layered vibrant paintings are my visual scores. They explore color use, movement, rhythm, and are heavily textured.


....It's like an entire symphony on canvas!


Macro Photography

Acrylic Macros


By using a DSLR camera with a macro lens to capture fingernail-size regions of the original paintings, these images become musical movements that bring to light perspectives unattainable with the naked eye.  

This brings attention to parts of the painting that people might miss if casually glanced at. I find the most beautiful part of a painting in its elaborate details.


It's all in the details...


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 Digital Art



The Acrylic Macro photos are then orchestrated digitally, forming my Kaleido-Jewels. Kaleido is a combination of the Greek words "kalos," meaning "beautiful," and "eidos," meaning "form."


These Jewels merge my personal interests of music, art, and science that further explore sacred geometry, fractals, and symmetry. A Kaleido-Jewel is more than an image seen with our eyes; it is an actual moment in time that express both the microcosm and macrocosm simultaneously.


A measure of the finite and a road map to infinity!


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Art Process


As a Hawaii-born San Francisco-based artist, I continue to experiment with patterns of theme and variation that mimic nature and the cosmos in a way I find refreshing, invigorating, and engaging.


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